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Dashboard Launch – April 2024

Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office and PPIs Partner to Launch Groundbreaking Prosecution Data Dashboard

AI Is Here to Stay. Prosecutors Should Adopt Its Metrics Prowess

Besiki Luka Kutateladze of Florida International University explains how prosecutors might effectively deploy AI to track their own performance and address demographic disparities in court sentencing.

2023 PPI End of the Year Review

The PPI team has had an amazing year! Please read all about it in our end-of-the-year review.

Research & Policy Brief – Feb 2023

From Felonies to Misdemeanors: Exploring Variations and Reasons for Charge Reduction

2022 PPI End of the Year Review

The PPI team has had an incredible year! Please read all about it in our end-of-the-year review.

Dashboard Launch – September 2022

Colorado DAs launch data dashboard on prosecutions

Press Release – Sept 2022

Colorado District Attorneys (DA) Launch Data Dashboards

Moving New Orleans Forward- October 2022

District Attorney Jason Williams introduced a new dashboard tracking the prosecution rate in the city.

Press Release – April 2022

District Attorney Jason Williams Doubles Down On Transparency, Releases Two New Data Dashboards

Press Release – Nov 2022

The PPI Project releases a new report on Racial Disparities in Prosecution in Broward County, FL.

We Met In Miami – March 2022

The PPI Project hosted a convening at Florida International University in Miami March of 2022.

Press Release – Feb 2022

Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announces ten new data dashboards, live today.

Press Release – July 2021

Press Release: PPI Project Releases New Diversion Report

Washington Post – 3/18/21

Manhattan district attorney to release years of racial data as part of nationwide accountability push

American BAR Association – 2/19/21

New prosecutorial tool promises better outcomes for racial justice, fairness

Hillsborough State Attorney – 12/18/20

Hillsborough State Attourney’s Office Launches Groundbreaking Data Dashboard

Florida Politics – 12/17/20

Sunburn — The morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics

Florida Politics – 12/17/20

Hillsborough County State Attorney launches first in state data transparency dashboard

Tampa Bay Times – 12/17/20

Hillsborough prosecution data highlights racial disparities, justice trends

ABC Action News – 12/17/20

Hillsborough County State Attorney DA office is 1/4 in the nation to launch a data dashboard to rebuild community trust

Tampa Bay Times – 12/17/20

Hillsborough prosecution data highlights racial disparities, justice trends

The Crime Report – 12/3/20

New Tools for Measuring Prosecutors

TMJ4 Milwaukee – 10/28/20

New dashboards aim to help provide data that can be used to curb violent crime in Milwaukee County

Tampa Bay Times – 10/20/20

As prosecutors, we’re working to be more more accountable and transparent | Column |

Data Stories:

Prosecutorial Performance Indicators | Data Stories

District Attorney staff have authored several data stories on the PPIs. The purpose of the data stories is to dig deeper into the numbers and share additional detail that enhances the consumption of data. Available PPI data stories are listed below. PPI 1.1 The Impact...

Behind the Data: Prosecutors Share Lessons Learned

The reasons behind using data to inform policy can vary from office to office. We ask three agencies that have partnered with Prosecutorial Performance Indicators to share their insight into why they decided to get a better look at the numbers. San Joaquin District...

The Shift in Prosecutorial Thinking

There’s been a shift in the way prosecutors operate over the last few years, according to Florida International University Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice Besiki Luka Kutateladze. More and more of these chief law enforcement officers are looking for data...

Diversion in Real Life

In December, Jason, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor theft. The 20-year-old had been stealing from the cash register at the store he worked at in Jacksonville, Florida, taking about $500 in total. “Back then, I wasn’t...

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