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Our team is developing tools to train prosecutors at all levels, especially mid-level managers, in using the PPIs on a monthly basis to show positive changes in trends and identify areas for improvement. These three videos provide visual demonstrations of discussions you may have when using the PPIs in your office.

Understanding trends over time

this video shows mid-level managers discussing changes in case filing and dismissal rates over time.   >> Video Here <<

Racial differences in case processing

this video shows mid-level managers interacting with data/IT staff to identify reasons for differential diversion outcomes.  >> Video Here <<

Indicator triangulation

this video shows mid-level managers linking multiple indicators to make sense of their case prioritization and charging decisions  >> Video Here <<

Our training focuses on helping mid-level prosecutors use data to understand trends in unit and office-wide decision making. If your organization is doing related training work, we would like to hear from you so that we can:

  • refer to your tools as resources on the PPIs website
  • collaborate to further develop data training for prosecutors
  • connect you with local prosecutors
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