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Anticipating Challenges

  • Prepare to address political, cultural, and logistical challenges to PPI implementation.
  • Identify potential PPI allies and skeptics within and outside your office.
  • Hold meetings with select staff and external partners for the explicit purpose of discussing PPIs and the potential impact of implementing the PPIs for their work.

Staff Capacity Assessment

  • Examine current clerical/IT/analytical capacity for entering, extracting, linking, managing, and analyzing data.
  • Explore research partnership opportunities with local universities.
  • Assign a senior executive to be responsible for overseeing PPI implementation.
  • Identify prosecutors who have an interest in using data, and prepare them to serve as data ambassadors.
  • Understand how staff currently use data at each level of your office.

Data Assessment

  • Identify all internal and external data sources.
  • Assess data elements readily available from your case management system, human resources department, victim advocates, and other criminal justice agencies or specialized task forces.
  • Evaluate which PPIs can be measured using data currently available to you.
  • Understand what new data can be collected internally or requested externally to measure additional PPIs.




Office-wide Engagement

  • Introduce and explain the PPI framework office-wide.
  • With help from data ambassadors, foster an office culture of data use.
  • Develop a roll-out strategy that is time-bound and explicit about staff roles and responsibilities during implementation.
  • Manage your expectations about buy-in among staff but be persistent about garnering support for the initiative.


  • Gather baseline data for as many PPIs as is feasible.
  • Assess how meaningful each indicator is to your office while considering your goals and priorities.
  • Select a group of PPIs across the nine objectives to adopt based on the quality of data and the usefulness of the information.
  • Determine formats for presenting PPIs to management versus external government and community stakeholders.
  • Establish baseline data for each PPI from which change will be measured


  • Coach executive and mid-level management to understand PPI trends, notice red flags, ask questions, seek additional information, identify possible solutions, and improve data entry practices.
  • Evaluate and meet training needs for your clerical, IT, and data staff.
  • Recruit and train researchers and/or IT specialists to grow your office capacity for collecting and analyzing data.




Ongoing Data Collection

  • Collect, clean, and analyze the PPI data on monthly, quarterly, and/or annual bases.
  • Present this information in data dashboards, spreadsheets, or charts and graphs.
  • Routinize and automatize the process of data extraction, analysis, and presentation.
  • Establish data quality control mechanisms.
  • Plan to collect new data not currently available to measure additional PPIs.


  • Hold monthly or quarterly meetings to digest PPI data based on analysis of time trends and comparison across office units.
  • Request additional data from your IT/data staff to answer follow-up questions that arise from these meetings.
  • Consult with your staff and external stakeholders to understand changes in trends.
  • Link findings to specific policies, practices, and office structure.
  • Highlight instances where the office is succeeding and acknowledge those who contributed to positive changes.

Policy Development

  • Engage with policy and research experts to develop strategies to improve performance.
  • Prioritize which issues to address based on the feasibility and impact of solutions.
  • Delegate strategy implementation to a staff member or task force, and monitor execution.
  • Communicate new policies internally.
  • Discuss the benefits of this work with community groups.
  • Monitor data trends to evaluate improvement over time.

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